Interim Healthcare Professionals Service

RSI is committed to industry innovation and service excellence. As a reflection of this commitment, we are proud to introduce RSI’s Interim Healthcare Professional Service (IHP). The IHP Service is designed to help organizations recruit and hire experienced nurse and healthcare executives for transitional leadership or consulting positions.

Our clients rely on RSI IHP’s expertise to provide quality patient care and manage the hospital, department, or unit in a manager’s absence.

Our Process:

  • Each IHP search begins with a conference call with the client to establish the key parameters for the search.
  • RSI drafts a profile that describes in detail the company, the role, responsibilities and goals of the position. It also summarizes the experience, qualifications and competencies required for success.
  • Using the position profile, RSI networks with healthcare leaders through associations, local markets and our proprietary applicant database to find the best-qualified candidates for the position.
  • RSI forwards resumes and executive summary detailing their qualifications for the position.
  • RSI’s Healthcare Recruiter is your contact through the whole process.
  • Each IHP has a full background check performed including, references, education verification, criminal clearance, and health summary.