Johanna Stenberg: Executive Healthcare Recruiter

You need more than just good HR skills to be successful at recruiting high-demand healthcare professionals seeking to secure the most desirable employment positions. You need the ability to develop professional relationships with healthcare facilities, thrive in a resource-rich environment, and demonstrate entrepreneurial drive and creativity to identify the highest quality candidates for leadership positions.

None of this is news to Johanna Stenberg, who has six years of HR experience, including spending the last two years as RSI’s Executive Healthcare Recruiter. Her well-rounded background has enabled her to help RSI’s clients achieve breakthrough recruitment results.

“Johanna was highly qualified for the job – she has proven experience in HR law, benefits, payroll, recruiting, background reference verification, and new hire orientation – and we were lucky to have her join the company when she did,” says Roxanne L. Giannerini, RN, BSN, President of RSI Recruitment.

Stenberg graduated from Shippensburg University with a business degree and a concentration in human resources.